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5 DIY Plumbing Tips Part Two

Plumbing Tips to Help You Avoid Calling a Plumber Part 2:

The Kitchen Faucet

This weekend I went out to a call that was completely avoidable. Kitchen plumbing can seem daunting, but the thing is that with just a few maintenance tips you can avoid these types of calls.

Let me tell you about the call. I received a frantic phone call from our client, lets call her ‘River’, who told me that her kitchen sink was leaking, spilling water all over her floor. I hurried over to River’s house to find towels all over the kitchen floor and her cabinet soaked with water.

“I think my tap is broken. The water is coming from the bottom of it.” River said, looking distraught “how much is a new tap going to cost me?”

“Well let me look at it first”

I took a look at her faucet and sure enough there was water coming out of its base. I opened the cabinet doors to look under the sink and saw water running down the hoses. I stood up and pulled the spray head from the body of the tap and then turned the faucet on, water sprayed from where the hose meets the head.

“Its shot isn’t it?” River said.

“No” I replied “the hose just needs to be tightened.” And then I tightened the loose hose back onto the faucet head. A simple fix that costs much less than a new faucet.

The point is this was a very simple fix and a very common problem. Almost half of the calls we receive about kitchen faucets are due to loose hose connections to the spray head. It takes five minutes to tighten and can save you a call to your plumber. This crucial connection loosens up over time and only needs to be snugged up once in a while, but can save you hundreds of dollars on a repair or buying a new tap if you did not this simple trick and decided to replace the whole faucet.


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