Your Furnace

A wise, although tragically destined, family once said: Winter is coming. Unlike Westeros, our winters, usually, only last months instead of years. Wouldn’t it be nice if during those months the heat stayed on? With that in mind we bring you part four of Do It Yourself Plumbing Tips: Your Furnace. We are going to tell you three things that you can do yourself to help keep your furnace running through those cold winter nights.
The first tip is an easy one: batteries. Make sure that your thermostat has fresh batteries. Every year we get calls from frantic customers about a lack of heat and when we arrive it is nothing more than a dead battery. Your thermostat is the starter for your heating system. Without a signal from the thermostat your furnace does not know when to turn on, so keep those batteries fresh.
Tip number two is almost as easy as the first tip, change your furnace filter frequently. This tip is especially important for mid-efficient to high-efficient furnaces.  Starting in the early 80’s most furnaces featured some kind of mother board. If these boards get covered in dust and heat up they can malfunction. The same goes for the motor that circulates the hot air throughout your house. We recommend using a cheap flat furnace filter and changing it every month to maintain airflow and keep the core components of your furnace dust free and cool.
Finally, the last tip is to turn on your heat well before you need it to make sure everything runs flawlessly. Fire up your furnace for an hour or two on a semi cold day and listen for any abnormal noises. Doing this will ensure that when we get that first really cold day you will not be left to shiver!

As always, Firefly Plumbing is available to professionally tune-up your furnace if your problem is not one of the three quick fixes listed here …or even if it is but you want an expert to handle it!

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