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So, Your Drains Are Running Slow…

Plugged drains are the worst! We have all been there, watching the water drain so slow you aren’t sure if it will ever end. Then the awful knowledge that soon you will most likely deal with a shower full of water, a basement full of sewage, or just a smelly kitchen drain. Its ominous even for plumbers. The fact is no one wants to deal with any of these scenarios, even the poor plumber you may have to pay to come out and unclog it. So, what can you do about it?

The easiest way to avoid a major issue is preventative maintenance. How do you prevent clogs from happening? Easy!

          Install hair catching devices in your tubs and showers;

          Use a biological drain cleaner such as Bio Clean in your drains that will eat clogs before they start;

          Try not to put large amounts of food into your kitchen drain, there are starving kids somewhere in the world after all;

          Avoid chemical drain cleaners which may dissolve metal fittings or pipe;

          If you live in an area prone to root damage have your pipes inspected, use a root treatment product, or install a water softener (roots do not like salt water);

          Clean any traps under your sinks;

If you already have a clogged drain there is not a lot that can be done without proper equipment or knowledge. Drain snakes, if used properly, can help to get most drains running again but a more thorough cleaning may be needed to open a pipe to full capacity.

Many drain clogs happen steadily over time and a little bit of preventative maintenance can go a long way to avoiding catastrophe and expensive service calls. For tips on how to perform any of this maintenance feel free to give us a call, check our older blog posts, or book an appointment.


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