A Song of Water and Bills

The city of Calgary was once a peaceful land. Then one of the city’s major corporations decided to wage war on the hard-working families. They hid behind their meters and their monopoly on providing the life-giving water. Enmax thought that with enough threats and poor customer service they could get away with it. Then the righteous CTV broke the story and other families told their story. However virtuous these hard-working families were, Enmax seemed to still be winning. So, what exactly happened and how can other families protect themselves from these heinous bills.

A few houses in Calgary received Ludacris water bills, some of the bills were more than 20 times their average monthly usage. One man was even out of town with his main water shut off. When they called Enmax assuming that this must be some mistake, they were told they probably had a leaking toilet. According to the city of Vancouver, a leaky toilet can cost up to $750 a year, which still does not explain the thousands extra families in Calgary were being charged. Still, they called a local plumber and had them check the house for leaks, none were found. Enmax collected their meter and claimed it had been working properly. At this point believing in dragons and magic is just as logical as believing that a person would not notice the constant running water for a month. Enmax refused to back down from the bills, if their meters were right, the bills must be too. Only after the news story broke and the following investigation did Enmax back down from their bills. Who knows how many people have already paid these ridiculous bills before only pubic anger forced Enmax to do the right thing.

I don’t know about you but I know that if our little family’s water bill went from $100 to $4,500 it would send us into full blown panic mode, not many can afford that within the twenty days they give you to pay. So, what can you do to protect your pocket book and your family from this kind of attack?

Well you can hire a plumber to come to your home and search for leaks preemptively however, doing this will cost money and they might not even find anything. Our advice is to install a device that goes by the name of Aquatrip. This device is installed on your main water line as it enters the house and its sole purpose is to determine if there is a leak in your water lines. Once the Aquatrip determines there is a leak even one as small as a leaking toilet flapper, or dripping tap, and shuts the water off to the house preventing the leak from costing you money and damaging your property. As a bonus, some insurance companies will even give you a break on your premiums if you have an Aquatrip installed in your home. With Aquatrip installed, Enmax will have to find another reason for such a large bill.

How much does an Aquatrip cost? Well it ranges from company to company so it is in your best interest to call around and find a price and installer that fits your needs. One thing is for sure the cost of an Aquatrip is far less than the cost of a massive water bill from Enmax and the city. Just make sure Firefly Plumbing is one of those calls. Brace yourselves, leaks are coming.

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