Calgary Floods 2018

It’s getting to be that time of year in Calgary, flood season. I know it doesn’t seem like it what with all the powdery white stuff outside covering the land in a blanket of frozen evil. However, what will happen when all that frozen evil thaws? It becomes liquid evil. Liquid evil that invades our storm drains, sewers and basements intent on its evil master plan of world domination. Silly humans, thinking we could tame this flood plain. So how do we stop this liquid menace in its tracks? Well thankfully there are a few brave souls out there with some answers, tools, and a willingness to put themselves in the line of fire (but not fire, because it is water) to keep your property and belongings safe. Who are these people, whose names are spoken with the same awe as Ghandi and Taylor Swift? Plumbers, because some heroes don’t wear capes some of them hold wrenches. Flooding has become a major problem in Calgary causing millions of dollars in property damage. While in some cases it is impossible to prevent the flooding from occurring or causing damage there are a few things that can be done to mitigate damage or at the very least save money on your insurance bill.

To prevent water from entering your home through the city sewer pipes a back-water valve can be installed. A back-water valve is closes itself off when a back up of water begins. This keeps flood water from the city sewer from entering your home. If you have ever had/smelt a sewer backup you know this valve is worth its weight in adamantium. Some insurance companies will even give you a break on your premiums for installing a back-water valve. You’ll remember in the great floods of 2013 many people were not dealing with overland flooding but sewer backups, so even if you do not live by the river the sewer is a very real threat.

What if it is overland flooding you ask. Good question. Overland flooding can be helped by installing a sump pump. A sump pump is fitted into a catch basin installed under the ground and imbedded in the concrete in your basement. When water tries to enter your basement via overland or a rising water table the pump will turn on and pump the damaging liquid out of your home and out into the world to menace someone else.

Several companies offer flood alarms that will go off in the event of water entering your home. This option is by far the cheapest although it doesn’t prevent any flooding, but it will let you know when it is occurring, and you can make some calls to help prevent the damage from getting worse.

There is no doubt about it flooding is not fun but with a few products and a little know how some of the pain it can cause can be avoided. Hopefully no one needs it this year but you never know. Firefly is always ready to lend a hand, capes not included.

Cal062125 Ave Flooding.jpg


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