Our Mission

To provide the best product and service, question industry business practices, while leading Calgary in socially-conscious business through respect, quality, and sustainable plumbing.

After nearly twenty years in the plumbing industry the management of Firefly Plumbing saw a need for a different kind of plumbing company. A company that treats its customers, their homes, and time with the respect they deserve. We recognize that customers’ homes are their most valuable asset, and that a properly function plumbing and heating system is essential to maintaining that asset and keeping their piece of mind. We aim to accomplish this lofty goal through the creation of a desirable working environment for our employees, the elimination of sales targets, and a passion for customer service. Through the rethinking of current industry standards and practices we can give our customers a superior product and service at the fair price and quality they deserve.

From spending decades as employees ourselves, we strive to make Firefly Plumbing a better company to work for. We take pride in training our employees and finding ways to make sure they know they are valued. Part of the training is keeping them and our company on the forefront of new technologies and techniques that emerge, such as rainwater harvesting and new hydronic heating systems. This allows us keep Firefly current and give our employees the knowledge they need to have a career they can be proud of.