Rainwater Harvesting

About Rain Harvesting Systems

Water is a precious resource due to increases in demand from our ever growing population. Changes in rainfall patterns have left parts of the country in drought, while others flood. Rainwater harvesting can help bridge that gap and provide water on a consistent basis.
Have you ever noticed that your garden prefers rainwater to municipally supplied water? That is because rainwater is a clean, chlorine-free water that contains many beneficial nutrients for plants including minerals and microorganisms.
The average detached garage of 20’x25’ provides the perfect catchment area, allowing you to harvest nearly 13,000 Liters. That is a lot of free water. With a properly installed system the overflow from the barrel can be used to replenish ground water in your garden and flower beds.
Obviously, rain harvesting systems are a great way to help your environment, your garden, and lower your water bill.

Rain Barrels VS Rain Harvesting Systems

While rain barrels are a great start in conserving water they have a limited capacity and often suffer overflow issues, filtration, and pressure issues.

A well designed rain harvesting system will be sized to hold as much rain as possible, provide a full sized overflow which can be used as a secondary method of watering flower beds, and have the option of a pump so that the stored water can be used for full pressure watering.

Whats Included With Our Rain Water Systems?

  • Full site evaluation and estimate
  • A pre-filter to keep leaves and debris out of your water
  • Overflow control to avoid wastage
  • Pump for pressured watering
  • Larger capacities than a rain barrel
  • Available in various colours
  • Qualified profesional to maintain the system
  • Quality installation, backed by a warranty

Give us a call for an estimate and more information on how to put this free resource to work for you

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