Serenity Home Maintenance Packages

fitted-bathroom-furniture-1024x743Serenity Package Level 1: Bathroom

$350 a Year

The bathroom can be a source of smells and difficult cleaning for most people. Firefly Plumbing recognizes that and would like to alleviate some of that for you with our level 1 Bathroom package.

What is included?

Twice a year we will come out and perform maintenance on your bathroom plumbing fixtures:

  • We will descale your taps and shower heads, removing any hard water build up, lime scale, and calcium deposits.
  • We will check your toilet tanks for leaks
  • Tighten any loose toilet bolts.
  • The plumbing trap connected to your tub and shower will be cleared of any hair and deodorized.
  • The trap and overflow that is attached to your bathroom sinks will be treated in a similar fashion, helping to prevent blockages.

The level one package includes two full bathrooms and a half bath twice a year. Additional bathrooms can be added on for another $75 per bathroom.

 Serenity Package Level 1: Kitchen

$350 a Year

kitchenThe kitchen is an equally difficult room to keep immaculate and stay ahead of the interesting smells. Many of our regular services calls could be prevented by performing these maintenance steps. Let us perform the maintenance for you and keep your kitchen the center of your home for your family and entertaining.

What is included?

Twice a year we will come and perform maintenance on your kitchen sink plumbing.

  • Your kitchen faucet will be descaled removing any hard water, lime scale, and calcium build up.
  • If you have a pull out faucet all of its joints will be tightened to ensure that future leaks happen.
  • The trap attached to the drainage will be cleared of any grease build up and deodorized helping to prevent drainage blocks.
  • If you have a disposal unit it will be cleaned and deodorized as well.
  • The often over looked trap in your dishwasher will also be cleaned out to ensure proper operation of the appliance.


Serenity Package Level 1: Mechanical Room

$350 a Year

What is Included?

Your mechanical room is the beating heart of your home. Without proper maintenance of your mechanical room you run the risk of your hot water heater not working or the heat not coming on when you need it the most. Included in this package is:

  • A furnace filter change and a thorough cleaning of your furnaces mother board and main sensors. This ensures that your furnace is getting the proper airflow needed to operate and that there is not an excessive build up of dust on the electrical components which can lead to over heating and failure.
  • Your hot water tank will be drained down and its essential components checked for wear.
  • The hot water tanks heating elements and anode rod will also be examined.
  • After all of this is completed your floor drain will be cleared and deodorized.
  • We will winterize or de-winterize the waterlines to your outside hoses.

If your anode rod or elements need to be replaced we can change it for you for an additional $199, saving you over $50 from the regular price!

Serenity Package Level 2

$600 a Year.

What is included?

In the Serenity level 2 package you can pick any two of the level one packages, whatever suits your needs. We will come out twice a year and perform all the included maintenance for those packages. Included in the level 2 package is a maintenance binder in which we record the make and model of all the fixtures, furnace, and hot water heater so that if any issues arise we can have the parts ready to go for you before we arrive.

Serenity Package Level 3

$900 a year.

What is included?

The Serenity Level 3 package includes all of our level 1 packages. We will come to your home twice a year and perform all of the work that is in the bathroom, kitchen, and mechanical room packages. This all inclusive maintenance program includes in a maintenance binder in which we record the make and model of all the fixtures, furnace, and hot water heater so that if any issues arise we can have the parts ready to go for you before we arrive. The binder will also include a detailed report of  the maintenance performed and your specialists findings and recommendations.


Our aptly named Serenity maintenance packages will give you piece of mind knowing that your plumbing and heating systems are being maintained and watched closely. With your own personal technician who will know your systems intimately, your serenity can be maintained with your home.